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Saturday At The Bay

tony (2)“Saturday at The Bay” is a music, interview, comedy segment, cricket report (during cricket season), local events and community program from 9am to 11am/12 noon every Saturday. Also includes Bob Telford’s wonderful, “Around The Traps” weekly segment.

Every 3rd Sunday of the month, when the Farmer’s Market is held at the youth club, a music and interview program occurs, from 9am to 11am/12 noon.

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Apollo Bay Radio is yours to get involved with! Our station is full of people experienced in community radio who are more than happy to help anyone get involved in their community radio. Community media is the key to a strong local voice with its volunteers keeping thumb on the pulse of the town - Join in!

Open & Transparent Governance

Apollo Bay Radio recognises the importance of open & transparent governance - As such, Apollo Bay Radio is dedicated to transparently representing its work and relationships. This is done by publishing organisational information, having its committee members available for feedback and holding regular and open meetings.

Boring But Important

Apollo Bay Radio is a transparent, member-driven organisation. As such, our Boring But Important organisational material is published. You'll find an overview of our structure, committees & committee members as well as regularly updated meeting minutes, financial reports and correspondence with other organisations.